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Each couple faces a unique set of concerns in their relationship, these concerns if not addressed in time may cause bigger problems. Your uniqueness will be celebrated and we will collaboratively work on your concerns at Mind Voyage.
  • Lack of communication
  • Poor conflict management
  • Loss of respect for each other
  • No intimacy
  • Other interpersonal issues

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India’s most trusted & reliable platform for online therapy.

This is a Mental Health organization with a handful of specialized therapists, which allows us to provide personalized services to each client.

Mind Voyage started in 2019 by and has became one of the leading platforms to get online therapy in India. We strive to improve the overall mental health in India by providing ethical counseling through certified therapists.

Rasika Karkare
Founder(Msc. Counseling Psychologist)


A new beginning with your partner….

We believe in simplicity at mind voyage, the action plan we follow is extremely simple and helps our clients be comfortable before beginning therapy.
In couple therapy, counsellor creates a safe space for individuals to communicate unsaid expectations, buried emotional wounds (which are left unsaid most of the times!) without hurting each other.
Understanding your partner without judgement creates a better understanding of each other’s needs. It helps partners in understanding how they are unique and different human beings from each other, and how it is okay to celebrate those differences in their personalities.
The counselor provides the couple with insights and questions that help drive the relationship to a decision/resolution. She helps them to understand if the differences are creating conflicts & drives them to learn skills to resolve them and meet somewhere midway.

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Disclaimer: – Couple therapy does not guarantee a relationship leading only on a happy path. If some relationships are not meant to be, it’ll also guide you both to move on from such a relationship that is beyond repair.

Know your Counsellor

Ms. Rasika Karkare

If you choose to book your couple’s session with Mind Voyage, Ms. Rasika Karkare will be assigned to you as your therapist. She is the founder of this organization and has experience dealing with couples for the last four years.

Ms. Rasika aims to help couples get unstuck and foster healthy relationship dynamics. She found her calling in working with ‘couples and relationship dynamics’ and she further trained herself in that area.

  • Msc in counselling psychology (christ university, Bangalore)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in couple and family therapy (TISS, Mumbai)
  • Gottman method of couple therapy (ongoing, Gottman institute, USA)

“Every individual in a relationship has the potential to be healthy. It is the situations/ circumstances that make you opt for unhealthy ways/decisions.”

~ Rasika Karkare ( Counselling Psychologist )


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What do people say about us

Preiksha Jain
Preiksha Jain
5 out of 5 stars
2 weeks ago
It’s been quite a journey. I remember the first time I searched for a therapist because I could no longer...
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Manasi Raje
Manasi Raje
5 out of 5 stars
4 weeks ago
I have visited a couple different therapists before Rasika, but something about Rasika just clicked. She's obviously very patient, but...
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Shreevidhya Pilluttla
Shreevidhya Pilluttla
5 out of 5 stars
a week ago
Saumya has been very observant,patient and highly understanding. She has helped me gain a great perspective about everything. Would highly...
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5 out of 5 stars
3 weeks ago
Taking therapy from Saumya at MindVoyage was one of the best decisions I made. I went to Saumya as a...
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Ramya Rao
Ramya Rao
5 out of 5 stars
4 weeks ago
Saumya has been nothing short of remarkable in guiding me through my mental health journey and I'm so grateful! It's...
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tuhin nar
tuhin nar
5 out of 5 stars
in the last week
Rasika has been extremely patient and understanding. She has very good way of giving a different perspective on things which...
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Frequently Asked Questions

Singing up for this process in a way forces you to sit down with your partner and speak about concerns of the relationship openly. This is something we don’t do quite often (or not in a healthy way!). Counselling is a process where we try to find long term sustainable solutions to your concerns. Initial sessions (upto 2-3) of the process are dedicated to getting to know the history of relationship, problem areas in current times, and formulating goals of therapy. Further sessions revolve around getting deeper into concerns, finding root causes, unlearning unhealthy patterns and formulating healthy ones, finding and practicing new solutions etc.
That is an unfortunate situation, and one can’t force anyone to attend a therapy session without their own free will. Even if they do attend out of force, that resistance will come in the way of the therapy process being successful. Having said that, this shouldn’t stop you from opting for therapy. Counselor can help you deal with relationship concerns from your individual standpoint. You can always do what is in your control to make the relationship better – Managing your reactions, bettering your communication, learning to let go, better conflict management, increasing the window of tolerance etc.
Absolutely not. This service is for any two persons involved romantically with each other. The nature of the relationship could be married, unmarried, living in, long distance etc.
There is no magic number or formula to determine how long it may take. During your initial intake assessment and sessions, you and your therapist will have a conversation about the number of sessions in which your needs are best met. Although, it takes around 6 to 7 sessions minimum. The ideal frequency is having one session every week.
We keep ethical practices in the highest regard. Right from your identity to the contents of the session remains absolutely confidential between the client and the therapist. The online sessions are not recorded anywhere. Further, it is also explained in the informed consent form when you make the booking with us.


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We are only doing online therapy at the moment, offline appointments are not available.

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